• Healthy, long-lasting & cruelty free chews for dogs

  • Sourced from our farm & others around Australia.

antlers for dogs australia


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Take a look through a few of our happy customer reviews here. See how happy these dogs our when their very own parcel of antler goodness arrives at their doorstep <3

antler chews for dogs


Are you wondering what size or shape antler would be the best for your dog? Maybe you’d like to know what we mean by ‘cruelty free’ chews. See the answers here.

'I placed an order yesterday afternoon.They arrived today at 7am.

Cant get better than that!' 

'Six months ago I bought a gig-antler for my Great Dane. He loves it and has chewed on it every single day. Usually he destroys toys in days so these antlers are great value for money'.