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Odourless antlers – The great stink-free treat for your dog

When you love having your dog inside with you & would love to give them a natural, non-stinky treat to enjoy….

Antlers for dogs: the great stink-free treat…

If you’ve tried hooves, horns and ear chew treats you’ll know that they develop an awful smell which makes them horrid to have inside.

Sure, you can offer ¬†your dog a synthetic chew toy if you’re worried about the smell – but what if you could give your dog a natural, organic chew that was nutritious AND odourless?

Well, with antlers you can ūüėÄ

Despite being absolutely scrumptious for dogs, antlers are odourless to humans. They are¬†worn down slowly so there’s no splintering or gooey mess to deal with.

The benefits of chewing…

There’s no denying that dogs love to chew. But why?¬†Chewing is beneficial for dogs for many reasons – and these include:

  • It’s a¬†natural relaxant for nervous or anxious dogs. The action of chewing is calming for dogs – it helps them work out nervous tension. That’s why they will often chew or destroy things if they are bored or anxious.
  • For optimum dental hygiene. Gnawing on hard surfaces like bones or antlers is a great way to remove built up tartar. It also helps to stimulate saliva which¬†a great natural defence against decay.
  • The calcium and phosphorous in antlers is effective for re-mineralising your dog’s tooth enamel.
  • Antlers have enormous health benefits. They are low in fat, high in protein and rich in trace minerals. They’re like a long lasting vitamin pill for your dog.


Ordering antler chews for dogs…

Getting an antler chew for your dog couldn’t be easier. Simply visit our Shop Page, make your selection and we’ll send your order¬†out via express post the very same day.

Oh and every order comes gift wrapped in cute paper for your dog to enjoy ūüėČ

antler chews for dogs

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