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Could an antler dog chew save your furniture (and your sanity)?

antler dog chew

Do you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and your dog still destroys toys & treats in minutes?

Well an antler dog chew could be the sanity saver you’ve been waiting for…


I ordered a big chewy brute in August of last year and Bubba only just finished working it right down as of last Saturday; so a whole year of chewing pleasure, we honestly can’t praise your antlers enough! Keep up the great work and we’ll definitely be putting another order in very soon 😊👍🐾


Our Large Chewy Brutes retail for $58 and people often baulk at the price… but with a solid YEAR of chewing – how could you argue that it’s not great value?

antler dog chews
Bubba-licious with his Chewy Brute


If you’re smiling and thinking ‘Yah sure, we’ve tried enough tough toys’. What could an antler do that a ‘tough’ toy like a Kong cant do?’…


Well, this…

Hektor LOVES his! Chews it all the time and still has about half left 😊 will be due to order again in about three weeks lol.  Your antlers last about 2000 times longer than all his ‘tough chewer kongs’ which he destroys within minutes or at the best two hours!


‘Perfect Pets’ Review on Facebook

Bought Antlers for Bibi & Charlie in Feb, took this Vid (posted below) yesterday in August.

Big thumbs up for Deer Antlers for Dogs – Cruelty Free (they shed naturally), Aussie ‘grown’, no chemicals, nutritious & they last!

The dogs don’t chew them constantly till they’re gone like normal bones, but they do have a good chew on them nearly every day. I researched pretty thoroughly & the only negative I came across is some people say aggressive chewers can chip teeth (not this brand not sure if others are harder/drier…). We’ve had no chipped teeth & the cattle dog is a pretty good chewer.

Antler Dog Chews Review – Perfect Pets on Facebook

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