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5 reasons customers prefer Antlers for Dogs over chain store chews

antler for dog

Last time we bought an antler – the ‘large’ store bought antler was down to a 2cm piece in under 1hr… 

However your ‘Gig Antler’ looks like it could be the best thing we have found! It looks massive and strong!

(UPDATE) – ‘ Three weeks later and she has still not even made a dent in that monster! I am over the moon!’ –  Precious Paws Animal Rescue 


Many of our customer’s store bought antlers haven’t lived up to expectations. At between $20 and $40 it’s no surprise that some people aren’t interested in trying them again.

So why are store bought antler chews less satisfying than our antlers?

  • They can be chalky and brittle.
  • The size & weight is smaller (in comparison to ours, at least).
  • There’s evidence that they aren’t naturally shed (which means they’re not exactly cruelty free).

BTW this picture is Aramis (from Australian Dog Lover). She’s chewing on a Chewy Brute from our range (not a store bought antler 🙂  

There’s every chance you’ve arrived at this page because you’re interested in trying antlers (again).

So what’s the difference with our antlers? What makes them a better choice?

• Our antlers are natural products. They aren’t treated or imported – they are cut to size and that’s it. This means they have all the delicious and intriguing smells of the farm still intact.

They may even have mysterious grubby bits of ‘farm’ still attached. This can be a bit icky to humans but utterly scrumptious to dogs. 

• They’re collected from antlers that are naturally dropped by the deer each year. This means there is no human interaction needed to source them. Feel free to check out our recent article about how to really tell if your antler is ‘cruelty free’.

• Anecdotally, our antlers last much longer than anything our customers have bought from large chain stores. (We don’t really know why this is – but we’re thrilled with the feedback).

• Every now and then, a customer will tell us that their previous antlers have stunk! Again – we have no idea what happens to them for them to get smelly. However, our antlers remain odourless for the duration of their chew time. This makes them an excellent choice for indoor chewing.

What about the price? Our antlers are priced in accordance with all other antlers on the market. In many cases they are cheaper – especially when you compare by weight.

Our antlers start from $10 and all orders have free postage… baaargain! 


Choosing the right size & type of antler for your dog:

Our shop page is categorised into suggestions for Small, Medium and Large dog breeds.

For softer chews, such as those for senior dogs or for young puppies – we suggest Fallow Straps. These are selected from the flatter, top section of the deer’s antler. The wall is thinner and the marrow is more easily accessible.

For serious chewers (those dogs that will eat the house in lieu of anything else), we suggest our famous Chewy Brutes. Chewy Brutes are selected from the base of the antler, and include the stumpy bit called the burr. This is the strongest, hardest section of the antler.

For something new and exciting – why not try a flavoured antler for dog treat? Our Beef & Apple Cider Vinegar soaked antlers are incredibly popular and now come in Small, Medium & Large sizes. 

(NB – these antlers are a little softer than a standard antler – and as a result they don’t last quite as long. But they’re twice as delicious! Most of our customers use these as introductory antlers for their dogs – or as a special treat for birthdays or special occasions)

To see photos and testimonials from happy dogs and their humans – please take a moment to check out our ‘Reviews Page’

As soon as I gave this to my dog, it was hard to separate them. She really enjoys this long lasting chew, it has lasted longer than any other chew treat or toy I have purchased!

My dog absolutely loves these antlers. They are brilliant for heavy chewers.

They don’t smell and they aren’t messy.

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