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9 Staffies that should have had an antler instead


Sometimes, all we need is a few photos of fellow destructa-dogs to remind us that we’re not alone!

  1. This shamed StaffyBear

Staffy Needs Antler2

2. This little renovating rascal that ate the floor – while his owner was at the gym.


3. This brave boy saved his family from certain death by bean-bag.

Staffy needs Antlers

3. This Mastercheffing Staffy who broke into the pantry – to eat a container of flour 😐


4. An excellent demonstration of comfort eating.


5. 256 pages in 2 minutes. Speed readers – Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


6. Some humans say oysters are an acquired taste… I think the same about nappies.

What of it?


7. Give me brick. I like brick. Brick is good.

Staffy needs antler

8. Don’t get up – I’ll get the door.



9. The critter who wanted to take the heat off his Dad for making a mess of the bathroom. Bless.


If you need to save your sanity (because it’s always funnier when it’s happened to someone else) – Our Shop Page is now live and you can pick up some farm fresh, naturally shed Australian antlers to keep your Staffy busy.

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