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Antlers for Dogs: Where to buy antlers for dogs online in Australia

Now it’s even easier to buy antlers for dogs online

buy antlers for dogs online

Deer antlers are a natural product packed with protein and high in minerals. They’re much more beneficial than a synthetic chew and they keep dogs busy for a very long time. 

They last for weeks, if not months and dogs find them absolutely irresistible. Most of our customers get 6 months or more from their antlers.

These 100% natural treats come directly from our farm to you. They receive no treatment or processing which makes them last even longer than the store-bought alternatives.

Why are antlers so excellent? 

  • Antlers are odourless and non-messy which makes them ideal for indoor chewing. The antlers are worn down slowly with no splintering or gooey mess.
  • They’re cruelty free. Collected from naturally shed deer antler – straight from our farm (and now we’re sourcing from our friends property as well). 
  • They’re packed full of goodness to promote brain growth & healthy digestion. Antlers contain protein, calcium, phosphorous & zinc among many other minerals. They’re also fat free which is great news for porky pooches.

How do you buy antlers for dogs online?

When you visit our Shop Page you’ll see that we’ve categorised our antlers into dog size groups.

This means that you can just select your dog’s size and we’ll show you the antlers that will best suit your dog.

We’ve also tried to include a lot of photos so you can see what to expect with your antler. They are all different sizes and shapes so we classify them by weight. We also ask you to explain a little about your dog on the checkout page so we can send you the most suitable antler.

Wondering which size antler is best for your dog?

  • Got a little chewer? If you’ve got a chihuahua, yorkie or small pup you can see the selection for small dogs here.
  • A mid sized monster? For cavoodles, frenchies and other medium sized dogs – we’ve got antlers for your medium dog here.
  • What about a big boof head? If you’ve got a big chewer, like a staffy or a large dog we’ve got antlers for your large dog or staffy here.


All our antlers are sent on the same day we receive your order. This means your dog will get their new chew in just a few day’s time.

Buy antlers for dogs online here.






‘Thank you Antlers for Dogs! Archie is tickled pink with his new antlers’

buy antlers for dogs online



‘Sadie has had her antler for months and still loves it’ ~ Belinda via Facebook

buy antlers for dogs online

A quick clip of our happy customers


‘Thank you Antlers for dogs! Lots of love, Grace the Labradoodle’

buy antlers for dogs online


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    1. Patricia, I’m so sorry it’s taken us so long. We had terrible trouble with Paypal but we seemed to have ironed all the kinks out now. You’ve probably bought from elsewhere by now – but if you’d like to try our antlers in future, please do! 😀

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