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Why are antlers cruelty-free dog treats?

What makes antlers ‘cruelty free dog treats?’

Did you know that naturally shed deer antlers are a wholesome, nutritious alternative to raw, meaty bones and synthetic chew toys?

If you want to give your dog a tasty, healthy chew but don’t want any animals to be harmed in the process – then antlers are the answer.

Deer antlers tick all the boxes (and more!) and are definitely worth your consideration.

Deer antlers are:

  • Naturally shed and cruelty free.
  • Packed full of protein & minerals.
  • Delicious for dogs but odourless to humans.

With antler chews you can feel confident that you’ve made an ethical, educated decision on what’s best for your dog AND the wider animal kingdom.

If you’d like to know more about how you can tell whether your antlers HAVE actually been ethically sourced (rather than the brutal alternative) then check out this article.

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What do you mean by cruelty-free?

Antlers are dropped by deer each year. There is no human intervention needed. It’s a natural process.

We simply collect these ‘shed’ antlers from the paddocks. We then cut them to size so you can get the most suitable chew for your dog.

The nutritional benefits of antlers for dogs:

Antlers are low-fat, high-protein treats which will last your dog many months.  Antlers are rich in essential minerals like:

  • calcium,
  • phosphorous
  • and zinc.

This can help with a balanced diet and also to re-mineralise your dog’s teeth. The these minerals are especially important for dogs that are on alternative diets.

Do dogs actually like them?

Most dogs find them absolutely irresistible. For this reason chewing should be supervised until they get their excitement under control.

However, despite how delicious dogs find them – antlers are odourless for humans which makes them an excellent indoor chew treat.

What do our customers say?

‘George is so happy to have another antler! Thanks again for such good service and fast delivery!’ – Emily, via Facebook

‘Received Gemma’s deer antler today… This shall keep her busy for awhile.. She is enjoying it so much…Thank you Vicky for all your help in choosing the right one for my kelpie x staffy… I look forward to purchasing more in the future..’ Laura, via Facebook

To see more about antlers & check out our range… visit the Shop Page here.

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