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The surprising health benefits of deer antlers dog chews

Deer antlers dog chew: The Benefits

Did you know that antler chews have significant health benefits?

Antlers are very rich in calcium and minerals. They also don’t contain a single artificial ingredient. They arrive to you in the same state we collect them from the farm.

There’s no processing, boiling, preserving or anything. The only thing we do is cut them to size.

Some of the cited health benefits of deer antler chews include:

  • They’re great for arthritis. This is because they contain glucosamine and chondroitin that helps in reducing pain effectively and also as they reduce swelling in the joints.
    • For senior dogs suffering from arthritis, you might like to consider ordering ‘Fallow Straps’. These are the softest of our antler chews and the nutritious marrow is more accessible than the harder, tougher antler.
  • Dogs absorb calcium poorly from raw bones. However calcium (and other minerals) in antlers are readily absorbed by dogs as they grind it down to microscopic, easily digestible portions.
  • Deer antler contain collagens that help in promoting the health of the joints and repairing connective tissues.
  • Bone marrow diseases can be prevented by regular intake of deer antler as it replenishes the bone marrow thanks to the monoacetyldiglycerides that stimulates stem cell production in the marrow.
  • Deer antler gelatin has numerous medicinal properties that help in nourishing the spleen and the kidney.
  • In humans, deer antler is known to increase stamina and actual physical strength while also improving mental capacity of people. However, this is yet to be researched in dogs.
  • Deer antler helps the heart, kidney, liver and blood vessels to work optimally and increases their function considerably.

If you’re interested in trying an antler for dog, then please check out our Shop page and take advantage of our express shipping offer.


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  1. I found it really interesting when you said that antlers are very rich in calcium and minerals. And that they are good for the dogs, can easily be digested and promote a lot of benefits to their health. I will certainly try it to my dogs, no doubt on it!

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