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Deer antler for dogs- Why are people so obsessed?

Deer antlers for dogs: What’s the deal?

  • Antlers are odourless and non-messy: This makes them ideal for indoor chewing. Unlike bones & dehydrated dog chews, antlers are worn down slowly and never become smelly or slimy.
  • Antlers are irresistible to dogs and can help with separation anxiety: The delicious taste of antlers, combined with their long lasting chew time – makes antlers a great comfort for dogs that are stressed, bored or anxious.
  • They last a really, really long time. Most of our customers get many months out of each antler – even the Great Danes & Staffies. Most of our customers get between 4 – 6 months from the sturdy antlers (Like the Chewy Brutes & Gig-Antlers).
  • They’re packed with nutrition. Unlike nylon or rubber alternatives, dogs get protein and minerals (zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium) from chewing on antlers.
  • They’re cruelty free. Our antlers are naturally shed, meaning they fall from the deer without any human involvement.


Choosing the right size:

When you’re choosing deer antlers for dogs, it’s better to get a larger size antler than a smaller one.

Dogs will still be able to chew on a large antler – however if they antler is undersized they might get through it quite quickly.

If in doubt – don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll gladly suggest the most appropriate size & type for your dog. 

Below we have listed the most appropriate size and type of antler for your dog – based on breed averages and our experience.

Small Deer Antlers for Dogs

Small Antlers for Dogs:

  • Minimum weight 90g. The small whole antler chew is ideal for small breeds (2-8 kgs) and puppies over 3 months old.

Visit the store listing for Small Deer Antlers here.

Small Antler Chews for Dogs

Medium Deer Antler for Dogs

  • Minimum weight 100g.  Ideal for medium breeds 8 – 15kgs and puppies over 3 months old

See the store listings for Medium Antlers here

medium antlers for dogs australia

Large Antlers for Dogs:

  • Minimum weight 150g. Suits breeds weighing 16-24kg

View the store listings for Large Antlers for Dogs here


antler horn for dogs

For the Super Chewers

 We suggest our ‘Chewy Brutes’ which also incorporate the burr – the hardest part of the antler and provides the longest lasting chew. Expected chewing time: 4- 6 months (with some dogs getting over 12 months!)

See more about Chewy Brutes here.

Large Chewy Brute antler for dog

Where do our antlers come from?

Our antlers come from red deer & fallow deer. They are naturally shed and collected from various farms around Australia (including our own family property in the Hunter Valley). 

Most of the big brands get their antlers from overseas (usually China or NZ). 


With deer antler for dogs – what size and type is best?

We have identified a range of antlers suitable for all dog types.  From Fallow Straps for softer chewers right through to the popular Chewy Brutes for serious chewers.

There really are antlers suitable for every size dog.

If you’re looking for something extra special – why not check out our (extreeeeemely) popular Beef & Apple Cider flavoured antlers? Even the fussiest dogs find these antlers completely tantalising. 


What you can expect when you buy an antler for your dog from us:

We haven’t quite made the leap to sophisticated packaging or branding at this stage and maybe we wont. If you’d like to see the full range of deer antler for dogs – please visit our shop page.

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  1. Hi, I’m not sure what size to get for my 14 month old Labradoodle Cleo? I think I previously ordered medium but she was much younger then. She weighs around 15.5kg so is borderline for medium/large. She does love to chew and destroys toys fairly easily but I don’t want her having to drag a big antler around if it’s to big for her. Your expert advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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