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Fallow Straps; the softest antler chew for dogs

A ‘Fallow Strap’ is a large, flat antler chew for dogs. They are ideal for puppies, seniors dogs and of course – as a special treat 😉

What are Fallow Straps?

Fallow straps are selected from the palmate – which is the big, flat top section of Fallow deer antlers. The delicious marrowey centre is more easily accessed than it is on the tougher sections of the antler.

Dogs find them absolutely delicious and they’re a great ‘special treat’ or introductory antler chew for dogs. However, they may be devoured quickly by super chewers 😉 

 What options can I choose from?

  • Small Fallow Straps: These are small ‘biscuity’ shaped sections weighing approximately 90g. These are an excellent choice for small dogs or puppies.
  • Large Fallow Straps: The large size is around 120g and is idea for medium dogs, puppies or senior dogs.
  • Flavoured Fallow Straps: At present, we have a selection of Beef & Apple Cider flavoured antlers which are proving to be EXTREMELY popular with our customers. These fallow straps are soaked in beef broth and apple cider vinegar for 24 hours. They are only available in the large size.


What do our customers say about the Fallow Strap antler chew for dogs?

antler chew for dogs
Beef and Apple Cider Fallow Straps

‘Echo loves the Beef and Apple cider the most – he won’t share it with anyone’ – Karen C, via Facebook.

‘We finally gave Gatsby his Fallow Strap for Christmas and it was a huge hit! We think it’s his favourite – he even takes it to be with him’ – Britta, via Facebook.

‘Winston loved his Fallow Strap!

He licked and chewed on it for ages. When he wasn’t chewing it he was carrying it everywhere with him. 

When his fur friends came over if they went within 5 meters of them or headed in the direction they were he would race over in front of them and grab it.’ – Cherie E, via Email


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