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Scrumptious antler chew for dogs: Beef & Apple Cider Straps & Antlers

antler chew

Munch, crunch, lick, chew, chomp!

Dogs all around Australia are going bananas for our freshly prepared Beef & Apple Cider deer antler treats. They’re the antler chew for dogs that deserve and extra special treat. 

These delectable antler treats are soaked in home made beef bone broth & organic, farm produced apple cider vinegar. And dogs are going bonkers for them!

Antlers are a long-lasting, anxiety relieving treat for dogs to chew. They’re also cruelty free – as they’re sourced from antlers that are dropped by deer every year (with no need for human interference – we just collect them).

For those with indoor dogs, antlers are ideal because they’re  odourless and non slimy which makes them perfect for a nomming away on the carpet. 

Why bother with a flavoured antler?

– some of our customers dogs love them so much, their humans have started stockpiling them incase we run out (yes! that’s a true story!)
– as a special treat for birthdays or special occasions. 
– to entice fuss-pot dogs to get a ‘taste’ for antlers. This has proven to be a successful strategy to transition dogs who were previously not interested in antlers.

Things to be aware of:

Longevity: During the soaking process the antlers become softer.  This means that flavoured antlers may not last as long as the ‘straight outta the paddock’ variety. 
Fun police: They are obscenely delicious. This means your dog will want to chew, chomp, munch and crunch for hours upon hours. HOWEVER – you need to monitor their consumption and make sure that your dog doesnt consume more than 1cm a day. This is because deer antlers are rich in protein and minerals – which may cause an upset tummy or the ‘squitters’ if your dog has too much. 
Best Before: We suggest giving the flavoured antlers to your dog as soon as possible. If you MUST stockpile… 😉 then please store them in an air tight container with some rice or salt to absorb any excess moisture. 

For more information: 

Check out some of our recent reviews here or visit the Shop Page for details on the flavoured antlers we have in stock. 

antler chew
‘We gave Gatsby his Beef and Apple Cider antler for his birthday. It’s his absolute favourite and he hasn’t stopped chewing on it’

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