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Powerhouse Jelly – Home- Made Healing Recipe for Dogs

Healing Powerhouse Jelly

Powerhouse Healing Jelly. This is a home-made recipe designed to maximise the mineral & protein benefits of deer antlers for dogs. 

We created ‘Powerhouse Healing Jelly’ when one of our dogs went through some seriously traumatic surgery. She was an old dog and she suffered a lot of blood loss during the surgery. 

Antlers help to boost the protein content in dog’s bodies. This assists with wound healing, organ function & a wide range of important bodily processes. Obviously our old girl wasn’t going to be in a state to chew on her antler (at least for the first few days) so I drew out the antler minerals through this recipe that we nicknamed the Powerhouse Healing Jelly. 

Kelp helps to regulate cellular growth and muscle development.  

Chicken feet contain glucosamine chondroitin, collagen and trace minerals. The collagen is particularly important as it helps the body absorb protein & increases the production of red blood cells. 


  • 4 chicken feet
  • 1 litre of water


Bring water to the boil & add Antler Soupies & chicken feet. 

Simmer softly for 4 hours. Make sure it’s just a soft, rolling simmer – nothing furious. You’re aiming to have 25o mls of liquid left after 4 hours. 

For basic method: Add kelp, let sit for 15 minutes and then whisk with a fork so that the kelp is distributed through the liquid. Refrigerate. 

For layered method: Halve the remaining broth and add kelp to one half. Pour 1/2 of remaining broth into a glass jar & refrigerate until it’s formed a jelly. Layer with kelpy broth & refrigerate until a jelly is formed & repeat. 


Small dogs (to 14kgs): Half a teaspoon up to 4 x per day. 

Medium dogs (to 18kgs): One teaspoon up to 4 x per day. 

Large dogs (over 18kgs): 1.5 teaspoons up to 4 x per day. 

NB: Antlers active ingredients can be destroyed by reacting with tannic acid in fruits and vegetables. This means you should feed your dog Powerhouse Healing Jelly 40 minutes prior to feeding a meal that contains fruit or vegetables. 

And relevant deer antler studies show that taking lactobacillus simultaneously can be tremendously beneficial when taken with antler. If possible, add a little yoghurt or kefir to the jelly upon feeding. 

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