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Going on vaycay? Here are some holiday tips for dogs

Taking your dog on vay-cay? Here are some holiday tips to make your next holiday as fun as it can be!

For those of us that consider our dogs to be family – it’s only natural that we want to take them on holiday. So what can you do to make sure it all runs smoothly?

Holiday tips for dogs – The Road Trip:

Some dogs absolutely LOVE the car – while others can get quite nervous. To make the road trip as pain-free as possible, follow these handy tips to make sure you’re organised.

  • A safety harness or a barricade is vital for ensuring the safety of your dog in the car. Please remember, that if you’re harnessing your dog, position them away from airbags.
  • Try and plan your stops at rest areas or dog parks. Service stations aren’t much fun for dogs – and it can be really tricky to find a place for them to have a quick wee or poo.
  • Ensure your dog has adequate ventilation. And NEVER leave your dog in a hot car (but you already knew that, right?)
  • Providing a chew treat will help alleviate anxiety in nervous travellers.
  • Chewing on an antler is a great option for car travel, because they’re odourless and virtually mess free. We’ve also been told they’ve been successfully used for dogs that suffer travel sickness. A similar concept to sucking on a carsick lolly when you were a child perhaps? 
  • Keep plenty of bottled water on hand in case tap water isn’t available at the stops along the way.

Holiday tips for your dog – The Destination:

Once you’ve arrived in paradise, what do you do if you want to have a night on the town?

Obviously you can’t always bring your dog along – so how can you ensure your dog is happy while you’re away for a few hours?

  • Bring familiar bedding, toys, leashes and crates (if applicable). These will  serve as a reminder of home and help calm them in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Enquire about pet sitters in the area. This will be especially important if there are any New Years Fireworks happening nearby!
  • Save your antler and give it as a treat while you’re gone – that way they’ll be so happy chewing away they might not even notice you’re gone (ok, so that’s unlikely… but you know, at least they’ll be enjoying themselves)

Holiday tips for your dog – Finding Dog Friendly Accommodation:

Looking for pet friendly accommodation is (thankfully) getting easier. However, just because a place is advertised at ‘pet friendly’ doesnt mean that you’re dog will be allowed free rein. Make sure you check with each provider to know their rules and regs.

  • Stayz offer a great range of Pet Friendly Accommodation around Australia. Check out their site here.
  • Holidaying with Dogs is a site dedicated to dog friendly accommodation in Australia.
  • Dogz Online have a page dedicated to pet-friendly holiday accommodation.





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