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Imported dog treats have been poisoning Australian dogs

Recent claims by pet owners and vets that dogs and cats have been poisoned by contaminated, imported pet food has thrown the spotlight on the largely unregulated pet food industry. Vets and pet owners are calling for a government watchdog to oversee the pet food industry, claiming that at the moment the industry relies too much on self regulation.

Vets across the Australia have seen an increase in the number of dogs being diagnosed with kidney problems after eating certain imported jerky treats.

The dogs have shown a decreased appetite, increased thirst and increased need to urinate. Many of the affected dogs had been fed dried jerky type dog treats, specifically chicken or duck. While a cause is still unknown, all the treats were identified as originating from China.

The warning is very clear – make sure you read the label of any dog food treat you feed to your dog and avoid any treats imported from China. Furthermore, claims have been made that poisoning may occur from the high levels of irradiation which ALL pet food imports are subject to.

This potential toxicity alert is another reason to check to be sure that any meat products you give your pet are sourced in Australia.

And if your dog does start to drink more and stop eating as much, go to your vet at once: prompt treatment can be lifesaving.

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