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Choosing the best large antlers for dogs

Large antlers for dogs – Fallow Straps:

Fallow Straps are a delicious nutrition hit – that are softer than a standard antler.

They’re flatter, with more marrow -because they’re selected from the top of the antler (which is the most nutritious section). 

Our customers mostly use them as an introductory antler for pups or seniors. They’re also given as a special treat. They’re great for keeping dogs occupied – because they’re so damn delicious – but they’re not as long-lasting as the other antlers. 

You can see more about Fallow Straps here

Large antlers for dogs (standard):

As the name suggests – these are the standard large antlers ($3) – and our ‘go to’ recommendation for large & medium dogs. 

They’re ideal for a large dog that’s trying antlers for the first time.  This is because they’ve got a good proportion of toughness and tastiness. 




Gig-Antlers & Eleph-Antlers: 

These antlers are chunkier than the the standard large antlers for dogs – with more tasty marrow. 

Gig-antlers ($38) are longer while the Eleph-Antlers ($36) are round and fat. The Eleph-antlers are fantastic for dogs that need a more rigorous jaw work out or attention to their teefs. 

They weigh a minimum of 200g and are best suited to large breed dogs that enjoy chewing – but are not voracious chewers. For very strong chewers we suggest the Chewy Brutes below. 

You can see Gig-Antlers here and Eleph-antlers here.




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Chewy Brutes:

Available in both large and small – these are the big kahunas of tough antlers. 

They include the base of the antler, known as the burr. The small Chewy Brutes ($36) – are still massive at around 250g minimum (with some going up to 350g). The large ones ($46) are a minimum of 400g of pure chewing challenge. 

Most dogs get between 3 and 6 months chew time. Some even get to 12 months – even with daily chewing.

These antlers are best suited to heavy chewers.

You can check out the Chewy Brutes here. 





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