Back Legs



Why is eating fur good for dogs?
Wild rabbit is the most biologically appropriate source of food for dogs.
Fur is an excellent source of fiber and helps clean your doggo’s digestive tract. It’s even mentally stimulating for dogs as they learn a fur-on treat it isn’t just a toy, and it can be entertaining to watch as your dog figures out how to eat them!

Furry treats are excellent for sweeping the digestive tract and helps to assist naturally worm your dog.

These are the complete package fur, meat and bone.

Source Story:

Our rabbits are 100% Wild sourced from vegetable (majority potato) farms all through central Victoria. These farms are chemical and poison free.

Feeding Guide:

Suitable for dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes and activity levels. Adjust feeding quantity to suit your dog. A real nutritional powerhouse.

 Rich in highly-quality proteins, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and minerals like calcium and potassium, rabbit meat is also lean and low in cholesterol.

Feed one fur product every 3-4 days for maximum digestive benefits.

Suggested shelf life is 12 months.


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