Beef & Apple Cider Fallow Strap – Small (50g – 90g)


Truly tantalising! These flavoured Fallow Straps are amongst our most popular products.

They’re selected from the flattest, softest, most nutritious part of the antler & then warm soaked in bone broth and raw apple cider vinegar..

This provides fantastic health benefits and creates an irresistible taste for your dog.

These antlers:

  • Aid digestion by balancing stomach pH.
  • Increase mineral bio-availability.
  • Are irresistible – even the fussiest dogs love them.
  • SMALL flavoured Fallow Strap weight – 50g – 90g

These flavoured antlers are ideal for small breed pups, seniors, fussy dogs or even ‘just because’ as a special treat. N.B. Due to the soaking – they may not have the longevity of other antlers but make a truly scrumptious treat for any dog. 

Price is for one Fallow Strap

Order today and receive your antler in just a few day’s time with our same day shipping.


“We finally gave Gatsby the flavoured antler (it’s his first birthday) and he loves it! I think it’s his favourite by far 😂😂” – Britta (via Facebook)



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