Antlers for Dogs – Large


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These nutritious antlers are the perfect way to give your dog a long lasting treat they’ll adore

  • Super long lasting chew, which is much healthier than a synthetic alternative.
  • Irresistible to dogs but odourless to humans (which makes them ideal for indoor chomping)
  • Full of protein and packed with minerals like phosphorous, calcium and zinc.
  • Naturally sourced, these antlers are all different sizes and shapes.

Weight: 130g +

Price is for one antler. Order yours now for fast delivery and your dog will be contentedly chewing in just a few days time.




Large Antlers for Dogs – What do people have to say??

Large Antlers for Dogs Review from Aria – (Owned by Chelsea from Melbourne)

Hi Antlers for Dogs, mum wanted to show you well my antler is going. 2 weeks down. I would have normally be on my second shop brought one by now!

Large Antlers for Dogs Review from Dawn M, Point Cook, VIC.

‘YAY!  The dogs ABSOLUTELY loved these antlers!  So much so that they had their first fight ever.  (…that was fun!  LOL) And they’ve been together 2 years!  Needless to say, they will eat them separately and the antlers are kept out of reach unless they are separated’ 

Antlers are high in zinc, phosphorous, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium – and are LOVED by dogs. Despite the face they are odourless for humans, there’s something about antlers that drives dogs crazy (in a good way!)

Further to that, antler are cruelty free (as they are naturally shed by deer) and they last a really long time – with many dogs getting weeks, if not months enjoyment from them.

Antlers have also proven to be excellent for dogs that exhibit signs of anxiety. Dogs chew as a stress reliever – which is why they often chew or destroy things in your absence. As this is a naturally occurring instinct for dogs – there is no point punishing your dog for chewing. Instead – you should encourage them to chew on appropriate, as opposed to inappropriate items. Antlers are perfect for this – and not only do they ‘pack a punch’ with nutrients – they also last a really long time – which is more than can be said for cheap rubber chews on the market. 
These large antlers are suitable for breeds such as labradors, border collies, golden retrievers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers*

Do you have a super chewer?

*For super chewers like Staffies we suggest our ‘Chewy Brutes’ which also incorporate the burr – the hardest part of the antler which attaches the antler to the deer’s skull and provides the longest lasting chew.

If you have a senior dog, young pup or one that has proven to be a softer chewer – you can always consider a ‘Fallow Strap’ instead, which is a softer alternative with the marrow more easily accessed. Fallow straps are softer, and hence will be chewed more quickly than these large sized antlers.


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