Premium Fallow Strap – Large (90g – 120g)

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Fallow is the highest quality & most nutritious form of antler available to dogs. With a higher proportion of marrow, these nutrition packed treats are ideal for:

Medium & Large Breed puppies, seniors or softer chewers.

While your dog will find these absolutely irresistible, their longevity cant be guaranteed with super chewers.



Selected from the ‘bullwinkley’ section of the antler, fallow straps are the most nutritious but softest antler you can buy.

Large Fallow Straps are suited to:

  • Medium to large breed puppies (that still have their puppy teeth)
  • Medium to large breed senior dogs
  • Softer chewers

Why choose these Fallow Straps:

  • They’re cruelty free. Collected from naturally shed deer antler.
  • They’re packed full of goodness to promote brain growth & healthy digestion.
  • They last a REALLY long time (compared to other treats, at least). You can expect to get anywhere from a week to 3 months from your Fallow Strap.
  • They’re odourless – making them ideal for indoor chewing.
  • They’re especially suitable for anxious or extra active dogs as the act of chewing is very calming for dogs. 


‘My 3 dogs really love these antlers! They’re small enough for them to hold them with their paws. I only got one, as I thought he was the chewy one – but it turns out that they all love them!’ – Karen C. (owner of Diva – black and white chihuahua, pictured)

‘My dog Miss Minni loves Antlers for Dogs. She’s a beagle/pug/Jack Russell with a love of chewing. Her normal treats and toys last only a day or so. This treat has lasted 3 weeks so far and she loves it so much’ – Linda F, (Minni pictured above)


1 review for Premium Fallow Strap – Large (90g – 120g)

  1. Lydia (verified owner)

    I have an almost three year old Pharaoh Hound who loves antlers. I wanted to try something a little different and the fallow strap looked particularly tasty for him, especially as he loves to hold them with his paws as he chews. Though slightly smaller than my mind had anticipated there’s no denying my dog absolutely loved the fallow strap I got him. Accurate to the description it’s longevity wasn’t very long in comparison to other antler parts but that’s just because he loved it so much. Will definitely be buying again!! Many thanks for the premium product 🙂

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