Roo Liver Jerky – 200g Pack


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Packed full of vitamins A, B, D, E and K as well as iron & taurine and Omega 3s.

This Kangaroo Liver Jerky has been low-temp dehydrated to preserve nutrients. Being grass fed, it contains higher levels of nutrients than grain-fed animals.

  • Suitable for treats or raw feeding supplementation (see Feeding Guide below)
  • Dehydrated to retain nutrients at highest levels and natural taste that pets love
  • Sustainably sourced kangaroo products from South East Queensland (See more info below)
  • 200g Packet Size


Source Info:

Sustainably sourced kangaroo liver from South East Queensland.

In keeping with the nose-to-tail philosophy, using organs, bones and other parts as dog treats and chews , this ensures that ‘nothing is wasted, and everything is celebrated’.

Grass fed is best. As a result of grazing in the wild, kangaroos produce meat that’s free from antibiotics, added growth hormones and added chemicals.

The Australian Kangaroo Industry produces roo products for the global market from Australia’s abundant kangaroo population. The harvest process is managed by the Australian Govt and supported by conservation and environmental protection communities. There are clear goals of sustainability and ecosystem preservation.

The kangaroo industry is sustainable, humane and produces top quality products. You can see more about the Kangaroo Industry’s Sustainability Policy here (it’s more interesting than you’d think) 

Feeding Guide

Less is more.

Dehydrated roo liver is very nutrient dense – so make sure you stay within the feeding guidelines to avoid upset tummies.

Raw Feeding Information: Save yourself  ‘grossness’ of handling raw offal for your dog’s dinner.

Raw feeders should feed this Roo Liver Jerky at 1/3 of the required raw weight.

Basic Weight for Feeding Guide:

For a weight guesstimate – here’s a guide.

Postage Stamp – 5 grams of Roo Jerky

Palm Size – 30 grams of Roo Jerky

Ie a 10 kg dog should be fed no more than 2 x postage stamp sized sections of dehydrated liver per day.

A 20kg dog should be fed no more than a palm sized section of dehydrated liver per day.


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