Antlers for Dogs – Small


These antlers are:

  • Healthy – they’re full of important minerals to keep your dog in tip-top condition.
  • Odourless – which makes them ideal for chewing indoors or even in the car.
  • Long-lasting – antlers are well known for being the longest lasting dog chew.
  • Cruelty free – these antlers have been selected from naturally shed deer antlers.

Our antlers are naturally sourced – so come in all different shapes & sizes. You can request your preferred shape at the checkout 😃🐶

Price is for a single antler. Minimum weight 50g +

Order your small antler today and your dog will be happily chewing in just a few day’s time.



Why choose these small antlers for dogs?

  • They’re cruelty free. Collected from naturally shed deer antler.
  • They’re packed full of goodness to promote brain growth & healthy digestion.
  • They last a REALLY long time (compared to other treats, at least). You can expect to get 1 -3 months from your antler chew.
  • They’re odourless – making them ideal for indoor chewing.
  • They’re especially suitable for anxious or extra active dogs as the act of chewing is very calming for dogs. 

For younger dogs or softer chewers you might want to consider one of our fallow straps

Fallow straps are softer than these small antlers for dogs – so they will not last as long.

Despite being small and perceived as quite expensive – these antlers last so long that they actually end up being great value for money (usually between 1-3 months).

‘My 3 dogs really love these antlers! They’re small enough for them to hold them with their paws. I only got one, as I thought he was the chewy one – but it turns out that they all love them!’ – Karen C. (owner of Diva – black and white chihuahua, pictured)

‘My dog Miss Minni loves Antlers for Dogs. She’s a beagle/pug/Jack Russell with a love of chewing. Her normal treats and toys last only a day or so. This treat has lasted 3 weeks so far and she loves it so much’ – Linda F, (Minni pictured above)


Additional information


Single Antler – $18, Bundle of Three – $44


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