Whole Australian Rosehips


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Rosehips are a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Rosehip is beneficial for dogs that need:

  • Anti-inflammatory & pain relief due to joint soreness.
  • General wellbeing & performance enhancement
  • Dietary antioxidant support
  • Immune support

These rosehips are grown and picked in Australia from a Victorian organic farm. (Australian grown rosehip is as rare as hens teeth!) See below for feeding & dosage info.

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1 whole rosehip daily (seeds and all!) per 10kg of dog’s weight. I.e. feed 2 rosehips for a 20kg dog.

Rosehips can be rehydrated in water overnight to improve palatability, however most dogs enjoy the taste.

  • 55g packet has around 60 whole rosehips (2 months supply for a 10kg dog or 1 month supply for a 20kg dog)
  • 150g packet has around 185 whole rosehips (6 months supply for a 10kg dog or 3 month supply for a 20kg dog)

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