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Things to know before you buy antler chews from a store

Large antlers for dogs australia

Where’s the best place to buy antler chews for your dog?

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There are a few things you should consider to ensure you’re getting the best value (and best product) for your dog.


Antlers do get a bad rap for being ‘expensive’ – which in some cases,  is pretty unfair.

At any given pet store, antlers are a little more pricey than your average treat. However, most of those treats only last a few minutes (not weeks or months, like antlers).

In most cases Antlers for Dogs are cheaper to buy online than any other brand in Australia. In addition, 0ur antlers are bigger than most other brands of antler chews.


Every time I’m in a pet store, I’m amazed at how crusty and chalky their antlers are. If in fact they stock antlers at all – which is rare.

Our farm fresh antler chews are genuinely superior in texture and density. It’s no wonder that people complain that their dogs chew store bought antlers too quickly – they’re so brittle!


Our antlers are sourced right here, from our property in the Hunter Valley, Australia.

The antlers are collected as ‘natural sheds’. This means that the male deer drop them each year with no human interference. This cruelty-free process is great news for discerning dog owners who are conscious of supporting ethical pet products.



With each of our product listings, we do include a lot of photos & testimonials so you can make an informed decision. We also have an extensive Reviews page which provides photos of happy dogs with their antlers.

When you do purchase through our online store, your order is sent immediately via express post. Is some cases you’ll receive your antlers the very next morning!

I ordered some Fallow Straps yesterday afternoon for my fur boys and we received them 7am this morning…

Can’t get better than that! As you can see by my pics I have 2 happy pooches…they love them.. ~ Judith, via Facebook. 






buy antler chews

1 thought on “Things to know before you buy antler chews from a store

  1. Hi, I am interested in buying your antler ($24) for our dog Willow, however wondered if there was a cheaper postage rate than $10. I don’t mind the snail mail as in no hurry.
    Have just come back from the Vet and they suggested they would be excellent for her teeth.
    Thank you

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