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11 weird things only dog people say

  1. If I have $10… and my husband has $40…

That’s $50 to spend on the dog!


2. I’m one bad relationship away…

from buying 30 puppies and calling it a day.


3. The fine line between love and hate…

is one negative comment about my dog.


4. Yes, I sniff my dog’s paws.

There’s nothing wrong with that.


5. I’m going out for a while…

Please be good. I’ll be back soon.


6. Why does it smell…

like anal glands in here?


7. Do they REALLY NEED fireworks

on New Year’s Eve?


8. All dogs are adorable…

but there’s just something extra cute about mine.


 9. Here’s a list of the people…

I trust with my dog.


10. You did a poo!

You’re such a clever dog!


11. When someone says…

‘He’s just a dog’


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