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What size antler should I give my dog?

You’ve heard about antlers, they sound great.. but now you’re thinking what size antler should I give my dog?

Interestingly, it’s not so much the size that’s important – but the section of antler that the ‘chew’ is selected from. Antlers are super tough at the base and gradually become softer (and tastier) as they extend out.


  • For example, our Fallow Straps are selections from the flatter, softer area at the top of the antler. They’re softer than standard antlers and are fantastic for puppies or older dogs. They’re also great as a travel chew.


  • Conversely,  Chewy Brutes are taken from the base of the antler which include the bulbous bit that connects to the deer’s skull (before the they shed it). These sections are SUPER tough and are very popular with established chewers.


Our Shop Page is segmented into dog sizes – however, here’s a basic rundown to help you decide:

Puppies (under 20 weeks): Choose a Fallow Strap, according to your dog’s size. These are highly nutritious and excellent chews to divert your pup away from shoes, furniture or hazardous items.

Small Dogs: Depending on the chewy determination we suggest a standard Small Antler or a Fallow Strap. Small Antlers are very dense and will last most small dogs over 3 months.

Medium Dogs: Medium antlers are the best choice for your average medium dog. You can request longer, fatter, denser or flatter options on the shop page. If your dog is a super-sonic chewer, then you might want to look at a ‘Chewy Brute’ – as these ones last many months.

Large Dogs: For your average chewy dog, a large antler will be fine. Standard Large Antlers tend to have a higher proportion of tasty marrow, and a narrower wall – which is great for normal chewers but will be demolished within days by chew-a-saurus rex. For those super chewers, a Chewy Brute should last you a few months (at least.. they even last Staffies more than 6 months!)


If you’ve got any questions.. dont hesitate to Contact Us and we’ll help you out with selecting the right antler chew xx


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