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Why are antlers for dogs so expensive?

antler for dog

Antlers are expensive, we get it… Especially compared to treats that are gobbled up in minutes ‍♀️

However, when it comes to value they’re a great investment. Most dogs get between 6 & 12 months enthusiastic chew time from their antlers – which works out between $1 – $3 a week 

“Even though they are expensive, they are a great value for my dog. He’s still going on his antler after nearly a full year!”

In addition, people often ask why antler chews are so pricey when they’re just collected from the paddock. And that’s a valid question… We’re not in the business of ripping people off, so here’s an explanation…

There’s a limited supply.  Male deer only grow (then drop) one set each year and it they’re usually 5 or 6 years old by the time they can grow full size antlers.

There’s huge demand. There are a multitude of uses for deer antlers from medicinal, to decorative, to crafting & dog chews. In particular, there is enormous demand for antlers for Chinese Medicine purposes internationally (often we can’t even get hold of them before they’re sold overseas).

People that buy our antlers understand that they’re great value – and here’s why:

They’re packed full of healthy minerals.

They’re irresistible for dogs but odourless for humans (which makes them great indoor chew treats).

They last a reeeeaaaalllllly long time.

They’re a great diversionary chew to keep furniture (and sanity) in tact 

They’re an ethical & cruelty free choice (as antlers are dropped naturally each year).

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