Why Wild Rabbit?

Wild verses Farmed 

My person thoughts of farmed rabbit is just that!


I don't believe in this country we should farm rabbits, they are a feral and very invasive pest, that cause millions of dollars worth of damage to crops and stock each and every year. And just so you know there's a lot of difference between wild and farmed for example size, colour and most improtant the biological make up of the animal. 

Rabbits 🐇 were introduced by the First Fleet in 1788, they were bred as food animals and more than likely bred in cages ☹ then they got way out of hand and we have had them in plague proportions, various methods in the 20th century have been attempted to control the Australian rabbit population and to be honest some of those ways were/are super cruel where the animal suffers a slow and painful death. 

This is where we get involved, there are now pest control programs and very strict licensing (PrimeSafe in Victoria, each state has different licensing boards) that is involved via the state government. Sooo many rules and regulations but they are there to protect the animals and the consumers. 


Fun Fact: Domesticated Rabbits are banned in the state of Queensland 


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