Why antlers ?

antlers for dogs

Why antlers?

Antlers for dogs?

Antlers, yes real deer antlers are probably the best natural chews you can give your dog…

Here are some of the incredible benefits of antlers for dogs:

Antlers for dogs last a REALLY long time (compared to other treats..). You can expect to get 3- 6 months chew time from your antler.

Our antlers are cruelty free. They’re collected from naturally shed deer antler.

Deer antlers are packed full of minerals like calcium, phosphorous and zinc to promote brain growth & healthy digestion.

They’re almost odourless which makes them excellent indoor chew treats for your dog.

Even though we can’t smell them, dogs find them absolutely irresistibly delicious!

Antlers for dogs are ideal for:

Anxious or bored dogs that alleviate their stress by chewing.

Dogs that enjoy a protein rich, mineral fix to keep them in tip-top condition.

Dog owners that are conscious of providing environmentally friendly, cruelty free treats.

Dogs that spend time indoors. Antlers are odourless and don’t splinter or get slimy

“I received Gemma’s deer antler today. This shall keep her busy for awhile.. She is enjoying it so much… Thank you Vicky for all your help in choosing the right one for my kelpie x staffy… I look forward to purchasing more in the future”. ~ Laura via Facebook.

Sustainably collected, naturally shed antlers

Unlike store bought antler – ours are 100% natural and arrive at your door in exactly the same way they leave the farm. There is no treating, boiling or preserving. This makes them safer for your dog, and softer which minimises the risk of tooth breakage.

Visit our Shop Page to get one delivered right to your door. And yes, the parcel even comes addressed to your dog 😉

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Antlers for Dogs: The Reviews are rolling in…

Since commencing operation in early 2016 we’ve received many kind emails and messages from our happy customers. Most are thrilled that their dogs are getting such a long chew time from their antlers.

Be sure to visit our ‘Reviews’ page – or scroll down to see what people say.

My dog absolutely loves these antlers! They are brilliant for heavy chewers. They don’t smell and they aren’t messy. Linda F, NSW

Every day we get the most heart-warming feedback from our customers. We’re so honoured that our customers take the time to send us photos and feedback of their dogs loving their antlers.

You can see a few of these reviews below… 


I love my antlers! They’re my absolute favourite!
Unwrapping my presents is so much fun.
Aria is pictured with her Large Antler for Dogs


Thank you Antlers for Dogs!
Archie is tickled pink with his new antlers
Archie is enjoying the Small Antler for Dogs

Olly & Boofy

I ordered some Fallow Straps yesterday afternoon for my fur boys and we received them 7am this morning… Can’t get better than that!
Olly and Boofy are seen here with the Large Fallow Straps

Mr Bump

He hasn’t left his antler alone ever since it arrived!
He absolutely loves it – and I love that he’s eating that and not my furniture!
Mr Bump is seen gnawing on the Large Chewy Brute.


Thank you Antlers for dogs! I LOVED having my very own parcel to unwrap.
Lots of love Grace the Labradoodle

Lord Brutus Beefcake

The Lord is loving life right now!!!!
Thanks for the quick delivery and special treat!!!!


Alfred’s first antler! …and he has never been happier. He might even think it’s better than chicken with the sounds that he made this afternoon


Riley has a special spot under the tree for her real treasures – her new fallow strap went straight there for close inspection and a good chew!!

Other Information:

Antlers for Dogs: Farm Fresh 

Originally our deer antlers came from a family farm but due to demand, we started sourcing antlers from fellow deer farmers in Victoria, NSW and South Australia. All our antlers are naturally shed and collected as they fall.

Deer only shed once a year, normally around September then they are collected the good old fashioned way (walking) that takes a good month or so. That's why when we are out of stock we are "out of stock" we can't just ring the manufacture to make some more!

Shipping Information:

While every effort is made to ensure you get your antlers in the shortest time possible… Please note that once we hand parcels over to Aust Post we only have the same amount of visibility as you with the same tracking number.

We do offer Standard and Express shipping for your convenience 


Antlers for Dogs on Youtube


Antlers for Dogs on Youtube