Antlers and Beyond Reviews

Antlers for dogs reviews: We love nothing better than seeing how happy your dogs are with our antlers! Nearly every day we get lovely feedback on social media – so we’ve posted a few of those lovely reviews here. 



Last time we bought an antler – the ‘large’ store bought antler was down to a 2cm piece in under 1hr…

Three weeks later with your Gig-Antler and she has still not even made a dent in that monster! I am over the moon!’ – Precious Paws Animal Rescue



I definitely recommend this brand of antlers, they are cruelty free, well priced and yummy!

They are great quality, will last a very long time and are healthy for dogs. We give this business a big 5/5 thumbs up. There was nothing we were disappointed in. – Elise and Misty



OMIGOD OMIGOD! I just love my antler so much!

My tail wags whenever I get to chew it and I try and take it everywhere with me. I’ve been telling all my fur-iends because I want them all to try one too! – Zara the Cocker via Instagram




Rosie loves the antlers.

Thanks for a great product ~ Amanda from Melbourne



Floki is loving his first ever antler

He loves the fallow straps too! – Paula from QLD



Murphy the teething labradoodle pup says thanks

He loved getting his very own parcel – Melissa from Melbourne



This is George enjoying his antler.

We are repeat customers and will always buy our antlers from you, they are definitely the best quality! ~ Emily from WA



Thanks so much for his present. He’s always loved his antlers. But this one is so big that he goes everywhere around with it in hs mouth. Can’t wait to give him the big chunky one!

He was so happy about his antler that I couldn’t even take one proper picture!



Hello! Just wanted to let you know that our puppy Stella loves her fallow strap.

She chewed on it for hours yesterday, then fell asleep with it!



‘Received Gemma’s deer antler today… She is enjoying it so much…

Thank you Vicky for all your help in choosing the right one. I look forward to purchasing more in the future..’


Mr Bump

He hasn’t left his antler alone ever since it arrived!

He absolutely loves it – and I love that he’s eating that and not my furniture!



Thank you Antlers for dogs! I LOVED having my very own parcel to unwrap.

Lots of love Grace the Labradoodle



Thank you Antlers for Dogs!

Archie is tickled pink with his new antlers



My dogs received their antlers yesterday – thank you!

They all really love them – but it’s safe to say that Echo loves her Fallow Strap the most!

She wont let the others near her new prize.


Ollie and Boofy

I ordered some Fallow Straps yesterday afternoon for my fur boys and we received them 7am this morning…

Can’t get better than that! As you can see by my pics I have 2 happy pooches…they love them…



Antler day is always a happy day for Aramis! This one was from @antlersfordogs and really long-lasting: all 3 dogs usually share the same piece for a few weeks! ~ from Australian Dog Lover



I love my antlers! They’re my absolute favourite!

Unwrapping my presents is so much fun.


Lord Brutus Beefcake

The Lord is loving life right now!!!!

Thanks for the quick delivery and special treat!!!!



Marlee got her antler yesterday, thank you she loves it!


Miss Minni

Quite a few months back (June) I bought 2 antlers. Tonight I gave Miss Minni the second one I bought. She certainly tried and tried with the first one, as you can see with the photo, but she enjoying the challenge of the new one.



Sadie has had her antler for months and still loves it!