Can my puppy have antlers?

We suggest the Fallow Straps for puppies. They are the flat part at the top of a fallow deer antler. We find its just an easier shape for pups to chew than the standard antlers and make a great teething chew. Choose Small Fallow Straps for small breed pups and Large Fallow Straps for large breed pups.

Do you kill the deer to get the antlers?

Absolutely not! One of the best things about antlers is that they’re cruelty free and dropped by the deer each year. 

Some deer also have their antlers cut off for safety reasons  

Are your antlers Australian?

100% yes! Our antlers are sourced from a few places around Australia and are cut, labelled and packaged on our property outside Bacchus Marsh.

What size antler should I get for my dog?

If in doubt, size up… (and no we’re not just saying that to up-sell our products )… Antlers are extremely long lasting chews, and represent great value – however owners do need to be realistic with the size they select. Our shop is fairly self explanatory with helping to select the right one.

Do antlers splinter?

Antlers do not splinter, however sometimes small crumbly bits can break off. These are totally safe and do not cause blockages.

I’ve heard that antlers can damage teeth, is that true? 

Yes, we’ve seen those articles too! however, in nearly 8 years of selling antlers, we’ve never had a report of a cracked or broken tooth. Furthermore we have veterinarians that stock and promote our antlers because they believe the benefits outweigh any potential risks. In saying that they are very tough, long lasting chews so may not be suitable for all dogs. We encourage owners to exercise discretion when deciding whether antlers are suitable.

Should I supervise my dog with their antler? 

This is matter of personal preference. We suggest watching your dog for their first few sessions before leaving them unsupervised.

Do I need to maintain the antler?

Not usually. However if your dog manages to gnaw the antler down to a sharp point, you should file it down.

What do I do if my dog loses interest in their antler? 

Most dogs absolutely adore them, but if your dog loses interest you can soak it in some stock or broth (make sure you let it dry thoroughly – usually 12 hrs) and then offer it again.

How should I store my antler?

If you’re not giving it to your dog immediately, keep it in a cool, dry place (or in a container with rice). Most antlers are seriously low maintenance but the Flavoured Antlers can sometimes get a bit funky in moist environments. 

How long will shipping take?

It’s super duper fast (even if we do say so ourselves) – all antlers go out the same day or next day via express post.